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Shock FX [download]

Andrew Mayne presents 13 tricks, stunts and gags for the modern conjurer.


+ Produce a bowling ball in an impossible way

+ Stab a pencil through your face

+ Use insects to perform psychic feats

+ Learn Andrew's brand-new handling for the paperclip through arm effect that can be performed at anytime during your act with everything you need fitting in your wallet.

+ Andrew Mayne's brand-new one-man illusion: BRAIN DAMAGE a head penetration effect using umbrellas that can be made in five minutes for less than five bucks!

+ Also includes Andrew's legendary attempt at making a bed of nails from thumb tacks.

And more...

Bowling Perhaps the most popular effect of all from Shock FX, this startling production of bowling ball has since seen widespread use around the world on stage and even television. All it takes is a bowling ball, a shopping bag and a sturdy floor. It's big, loud and visual. Worth the price of the DVD alone.

Deface your face! Nothing says shock like stabbing a pencil through your face. Andrew's impromptu self-mutilation method makes a great anytime shock effect to make your audience scream.

Burned! Andrew reveals his secret technique for surviving what looks like debilitating, career impairing third-degree burns.

Brain Damage Want a cool one-man illusion that involves shoving sharp objects through your brain? Of course you do! Brain Damage is an easy to build solo illusion that packs small and plays big. So cool it's even been on television.

Spiked Andrew Mayne presents his own unique take on the classic effect of jabbing a spike through your tongue. His presentation features a few special twists including a method that even fools people who think they know how it works!

Stabbed If you've ever wanted to be able to perform the needle through arm at a moment's notice, this is the effect you've been waiting for! Even if you haven't, this is still for you! Andrew teaches his special method for the effect that's ready at any time.

Pin Head A sudden, shocking and funny illusion where you appear to pop your head with a sharp needle.

Geek Trick! Just one look at that face tells you how much fun you can have a with a rubber chicken. So much fun it's a crime in some states.

The Bed of Thumb Tacks You've heard the stories. Now see it for yourself. Andrew's not-so-brilliant idea presented for your own sadistic enjoyment.

Lunch for Cthulhu Sit down for a meal of thumb tacks, razors, lit candles and more! Gross out your audience

50 minutes / video download / Quicktime format