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Razorwire [download]

Andrew Mayne presents the latest effect in the Illusion Impact series. The magician stands behind an audience-examined barrier of razor-sharp barbwire. He raises a cloth in front of him with the top of the barrier still visible. Moments later he takes a step forward and lowers the cloth revealing that he has passed through the barrier unscathed.

Razorwire is a one-person illusion that can be built for under $100 and can even be made to fit inside a briefcase. Just a few tools are required and only basic carpentry skills are necessary.

Razorwire is described in a 12-page 8.5 x 11 manuscript with scaled blueprints and photographs. Step-by-step construction and performance instructions are included.

The illusion can be inspected by the audience
No assistants are required
Everything can pack into a briefcase
The entire effect can be built in just a few hours
The total cost to build is under $100
It looks really wicked!

ebook version / PDF format