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Magic & Mischief

Want to produce an iPad from an envelope skewered by pencils? 

Make a hula-hoop mysteriously float around your body? 

Perform a stunt with handcuffs that doesn’t require any lockpicking skills or hidden keys? 

Then check out my new magic book, Mischief and Magic, for all that and more! 

Whether you’re performing a corporate show or a backyard party, Magic & Mischief is highly visual and extremely original. These are effects from my personal repertoire I’ve used around the world. 

Along with hundreds of photographs and step-by-step instructions, I include full performance scripts for nearly an hour of material! 

I’m doing a limited first run of just 900 books. 

So hurry up and order yours before they’re gone. 

What’s in Magic & Mischief?

iPain: Produce an iPad from an envelope skewered with sharpened pencils.

Spirit Hoop: A haunted hula-hoop levitates around your body proving that your childhood invisible friend is real!

Bowling Ball Teleportation: Make a ten-pound ball shrink and fly through the air to the other side of the stage.

Warranty Violation: A Russian roulette routine involving a spectator’s phone and a cup filled with water with a surprise ending.

Entrapment: Perform a handcuff escape where the goal is two spectators freeing themselves from an awkward and unwanted relationship you inflicted on them.

Titanic Thompson’s Tremendous Teeny Tiny Tweezer Challenge: 10,000 BBs magically link together and fly through the air (really!)

Mobius Ring: Two giant loops of paper link together, trapping a spectator’s borrowed ring in between them.

Ghost Writer: A spectator’s thought-of word materializes on blank bookmark.

#Trending: An audience member predicts the magician’s favorite celebrity tweet.

The Unicorn Trick: Convince your audience they’ve been graced with the presence of a magical unicorn.

The book is 90 pages, 8.5” by 8.5” perfect bound and filled with photographs.