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Levitator [download]

Andrew Mayne, creator of Illusion EFX and Gut Buster, presents a video dedicated to the art of levitation.

Including five levitations for the stage and street; Andrew teaches practical methods for defying gravity that will leave your audiences spellbound. The levitations featured on the video include:

[Levitator] Stand on a chair and float several feet off the floor, to the side and then glide gently to the ground. Based on the original Pocket Levitator and Sooper Looy by Looy Simonoff and Paul Harris (with permission).

[UP] A baffling effect where you float up to a chair and back down making the audience wonder if you levitated or slowed down time. Makes a great emcee bit.

[Flight] Put on a cape and float in the air like a superhero.

[The Anti-Gravity Machine] An impromptu effect using a sheet of newspaper you can perform at a party to convince your friends you know an arcane science secret that allows you to defy gravity.

[Ultimate Levitation] An easy to build stage illusion that allows you to openly levitate without any cover.


In this video Andrew shows his favorite methods for levitating in a variety of situations from the street to the stage and everywhere in between.

Video running time 43 minutes
310 MB