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Illusion XX

Limited time offer for just $90 (regular price $100)!

Together in one volume, the entire Andrew Mayne illusion collection that helped change the face of magic.

Illusion XX presents the first two decades of Andrew’s magic creations, from easy-to-build stage effects to mega illusions that have been performed in theatres and on television around the world.

Illusion XX includes every book and illusion plan Andrew released over the last two decades, starting with with his first book, Solo-X, written while he was still a teenager performing his illusion show on cruise ships – all the way through Illusiontech, a behind the scenes look at how illusions work on a psychological level and Andrew’s unique approach to deception.

Illusion XX is 630 pages of creativity and inspiration filled with hundreds of illusion ideas and plans. Over $350 worth of books and illusion plans! 

International version (paperback):

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Solo-X: Illusions for the Solo Performer

10 one-man illusions that don't require any assistants or volunteers.

Andrew Mayne's first book on illusions including A-Frame, the hugely popular, easy-to-build (under $100) incredible one-man walking through a mirror illusion.

+ Crawl through a compact disc + Shrink yourself to one foot tall + Produce television from a briefcase + Squeeze your head! + Walk through a propeller, and more!


Illusion F/X

Easy to build, inexpensive illusions that pack small and play big.

+ Appearing Motorcycles + Teleporting Assistants + Hovering Magicians + Severed Heads + Super-fast escapes + And many more!



The author of Solo-X and Shock F/X presents a brand new book of large illusions. Whether you're planning your club show or television special, there's something here for you.

Here are just some of the effects included: Cut an audience member in half with a pair of giant scissors + Appear from a small remote control car + Make an elephant disappear without actually owning one + Crawl through a four inch hole + Turn your assistant into a motorcycle + And much, much more!

220 Pages | 100 New and Original Ideas | 100 Illustrations and Diagrams


The Secret Illusion Show

The Secret Illusion Show is a guide to big stage magic effects that cost little or no money and can be put together in a short amount of time.

The Secret Illusion Show is a collection of effects that can be performed individually or as a whole eveningÍs show.

The Secret Illusion Show is about the experience of the audience and not the expectations of magicians. Five illusions that fit inside a briefcase: ARRIVAL The magician appears on an empty stage + PASSAGE The magician steps through a spectator + TELEPORTATION The magician vanishes + GHOST A handkerchief is caused to dance + THE ESCAPIST The magician makes his exit



Learn how to build illusions for $1 to $10,000 by understanding basic illusion principles. Andrew Mayne's newest book features several new creations along with re-worked classic illusions that help teach you how to think like an illusionist.

In the first installment of the series you'll discover the methods of secret spaces, contortions and manipulation as they apply to magic.

+ Build a $99 beveled base + Build a $1 head twister

+ Create a stretching illusion for under $75

+ Create a stunning shadow box effect for less than $50

+ Plus learn how to turn classic effects into modern miracles!


How to Levitate

Andrew Mayne presents his most practical levitations for the stage and the street. Combining updated material from Touching Sky and step-by-step instructions from Levitator (DVD).

Learn how to levitate on the street, in your living room or on stage.

11 different ways to perform the most incredible illusion in magic!
+ The Street Levitation + Anti-Gravity Machine + Broom Flight + Levitator +  Impromptu Levitator +  Floating on the Edge +  Flight + Up + Suspension of Disbelief + Mid-Air +  The Ultimate Levitation

Includes step-by-step photo instructions.


Pocket Sawing

Cut Yourself In Half! Anywhere at Anytime! Surrounded by Spectators!

Andrew Mayne's Pocket Sawing In Half booklet contains 6 different ways to apparently perform the classic sawing in half illusion....on yourself! Two of the routines can even be performed surrounded by spectators. The complete 12 page manuscript includes 35 photographs and will teach you how to build the gimmick in less than 5 minutes.



Who needs thousands of dollars to perform incredible illusions?

The magician asks his audience just that question before he picks up his beat-up cardboard box. He places it upside down over his head and then rips a hole in the front so his face is visible. The magician then lifts the box about a foot above his shoulders-stretching his neck impossibly long. Next, he twists his head 360 degrees around and back. Finally, he removes his head entirely before putting it back and removing the box.

Face Lifter is an incredible (yet easy-to-build and perform) illusion which will leave your audience baffled. Taking advantage of cutting edge technology, Face Lifter allows any performer to create an illusion that would have cost thousands of dollars to duplicate just a few years ago.



Vanish Half Your Body In the Blink of an Eye!

Andrew Mayne presents a brand-new effect for the solo illusionist. At any time during your show you make half of your body completely disappear in the blink of an eye, then just as quickly you return to normal.

You can perform this effect anytime and anywhere, there's even a method included to perform it surrounded. The 12-page, fully photo-illustrated booklet contains step-by-step instructions for building the apparatus and performing the effect.



Andrew Mayne, creator of Bisection and author of Touching Sky presents a brand new shocking magic effect. The magician places his arm into a "magic" cast that prevents him from being harmed. He then pulls out the wickedest looking drill ever seen. Next, he proceeds to drill a hole straight through his arm! (blood is optional)



Andrew Mayne presents the latest effect in the Illusion Impact series. The magician stands behind an audience-examined barrier of razor-sharp barbed wire. He raises a cloth in front of him with the top of the barrier still visible. Moments later he takes a step forward and lowers the cloth revealing that he has passed through the barrier unscathed.

Razorwire is a one-person illusion that can be built for under $100 and can even be made to fit inside a briefcase. Just a few tools are required and only basic carpentry skills are necessary.

Razorwire is described in a 12-page 8.5 x 11 manuscript with scaled blueprints and photographs. Step-by-step construction and performance instructions are included.

  • The illusion can be inspected by the audience
  • No assistants are required
  • Everything can pack into a briefcase
  • The entire effect can be built in just a few hours
  • The total cost to build is under $100
  • It looks really wicked!


Light Storm

The lights in the theatre darken. Strange music begins to fill the air as fog rolls on to the stage. The magician picks up a thin board. An assistant holding an eerie green work light walks on stage. The magician places the board in front of his body. The assistant walks behind the magician and raises the light. He lowers the light behind the magician and begins to push.

The green light begins to emerge from the center of the magician’s chest.

The assistant’s hand emerges holding the light. He pushes the light to one side passing through the magician’s body as if it were made of fog. The magician remains motionless.

The assistant pushes the light to other side passing through the magician’s spine.

The assistant slowly retracts the light letting it pass through the magician’s body. The magician lowers the board and reveals that his body is completely intact. The green light fades out.

Light Storm requires no special clothing or set-up, it travels flat and can be built in under an hour for around $60.


Specter Cabinet

The latest effect from Illusion Impact is a dramatic appearance that can be built in one afternoon for under $60. The Specter Cabinet packs down small enough that you can carry it in a duffle bag.

A single light within an open frame illuminates a darkened stage. The magician’s assistant lowers the cloth sides to the frame. A shadow begins to form. Slowly it takes shape. The magician’s silhouette can now be seen from inside the box. He rips away the front cover and makes his entrance.

Please note that performing this illusion requires an auditorium where you have control of the lighting.


Voodoo Box

Andrew Mayne presents a practical, radical twist on a classic illusion. It’s both a great starter illusion and useful part of a professional repertoire.

The magician offers his audience a demonstration in the latest high-tech pseudoscientific technology: The Voodoo Box. Guaranteed to ward off bad luck and ill omens! His assistant steps inside and the box is closed shut. The magician unveils twenty-one umbrellas that have all been opened indoors. He proceeds to shove the umbrellas through all the sides of the box at various angles. All twenty-one umbrellas are shoved into the box, yet no screams are heard from within. The magician removes the umbrellas (and opens a few to show that they are real). The box is opened and his assistant steps out unharmed!

Is it a feat of teleportation? Is the assistant a contortionist? Are sinister forces at work? Find out for yourself!

Designed to be built in under 30 minutes for less than 30 bucks, the Voodoo Box is a full scale stage illusion that packs flat and travels easily. The effect can be performed surrounded and everything can be inspected afterwards.

Sword Basket

A modern redesign of a classic illusion by Andrew Mayne. Made from aluminum and Coroplast (a lightweight yet durable plastic used in industrial containers and signs) the Sword Basket is an extremely affordable and portable illusion that folds down flat for easy transport and storage.

The Sword Basket only requires one assistant (a 6’2″ male can even fit in the basket) and can be performed completely surrounded.

Using the “Ikea” approach, Andrew updated the classic illusion with modern materials and industrial design. Perfect for the magician that wants to add an illusion to their show or the starting illusionist.