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Illusion EFX [download]

Andrew Mayne presents seven incredible, easy-to-build, inexpensive stage illusions for the beginner and the pro.

Make motorcycles appear, move through human beings, build a Shadow Box illusion for under $50 and more!

Based upon his experience performing around the world in resorts, showrooms and cruise ships, Andrew Mayne presents practical illusions that can be put together very quickly for very little money.

Minimoto – Make a mini-motorcycle appear in a fraction of a second
5th Dimension – Walk through a volunteer from the audience
Banished – Vanish a nuisance helper instantly
Transformer – Change places in the blink of an eye
The Wall – Move through a solid object like a brick wall
Shadows – Build a pack-flat shadow box for under $50
Enlarger – Make objects grow to several times their size

+ 7 illusions
+ Video running time 65 minutes
+ Shot in widescreen 16:9 format

Available now as an instant download

960MB .m4v format