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Ghost Bills [download]

“I could go on and on about this one, about how clean it is and how beautiful it looks, but I’ll just sum it up this way: if Mayne charged three times as much for this, it would still be worth the price. At the low cost, this is a bargain.”

Andrew Mayne presents an incredible visual close-up illusion that can be performed anytime using two borrowed bills.

Ghostbills is a stunning effect that will leave your audience floored. It’s perfect for close-up, tableside and parlor performances. This 24 minute DVD shows you step-by-step how to perform the effect. You’ll quickly have the effect mastered and soon be stunning your own audiences.

phase one
The magician borrows two bills from a spectator. The bills are folded, and one bill is placed inside of the other. The bills are then caused to visually pass through one another.

phase two
One bill is placed on top of the other bill. The bill on the bottom jumps to the middle of the folded bill on top.

phase three
The spectator holds on to the ends of a folded bill, with the other bill cradled inside. The magician pulls the bill through the spectator’s bill, just inches in front of their eyes.

+ The bills are borrowed
+ Use any denomination of bills
+ The effect can be performed surrounded
+ You end totally clean - with no gimmicks to hide
+ Everything can be inspected

20 minutes