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Clueless is a magical board game where spectators play the part of cat burglars committing a crime based on a totally random number they select – yet the magician is accurately able to predict what room they end up in, where they are hiding and what object they’ve decided to steal.

Clueless is nearly self-working and only takes a few minutes to learn. There’s no sleight of hand, pre-work or anything complicated to remember.

3 people can play at a time (or one person 3 times)

Suitable for close-up, parlor and stage.

Includes game board, pieces, prediction cards, instructions and a DVD explaining the effect.


How long does it take to perform Clueless?

The whole presentation is a few minutes long – just one round. Don't worry, you're not playing a two hour board game!

Can I repeat the effect?

You can play three rounds with one player or one round with three players.

How difficult is it to learn?

It'll take you seconds to learn. But I include a 15-minute DVD to show you how to perform it.